Top Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Are you thinking about having an outdoor wedding but you’re not sure where to start with regards to the planning of it? Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic when they have been perfectly planned out, therefore we have devised a small list of tips and tricks which should help you make your outdoor wedding planning process a little easier.

Have a backup plan

This is our most important tip! If you’re thinking of having an outdoor wedding you’ve probably already thought about the risk of rain – don’t let this put you off. As long as you’re prepared for every possible weather scenario you’ll be fine. Spending more of your budget on the type of marquee you get may be worth it, the sturdier the tent is the less likely it will let any water in or soak up through the bottom. We recommend looking for a wedding venue that has an indoor and outdoor space available, just in case anything unfortunate happens to your marquee. It is so important to keep checking the weather forecast right up until your big day!


Be creative with the decor and lighting

A huge bonus of having a wedding outdoors is the beautiful natural surroundings. Visit the venue and see what the decor is already like, think about what colour the flowers or general look of the venue is like, and how will this tie in with your desired theme? If you decide to use a teepee, marquee or even a yurt think about how you want to decorate it. There are many different decor styles you could think about, from a cosy theme which is perfect for the colder months to an elegant and minimal decoration choice. Other types of decorations you may want to consider include an archway decorated in foliage to create a focus for the ceremony, strings of fairy lights around trees or bunting. The lighting for your venue could make or break it. Nothing transforms a space like candles, coloured lights and lanterns. All of which create ambience and add warmth to outdoor wedding venues.



Make sure your guests are prepared

If you’re thinking about having an outdoor wedding there is generally a lot more to think about in terms of accommodating to your guests. Think about what the weather will be like – if it’s sunny and hot make sure you have plenty of cold water, suncream and maybe fans to hand out. If the weather is forecasted not as warm as you hoped, they have plenty of blankets and portable heaters if possible. Be sure to let your guests know what the weather forecast is expected to be like so they can be prepared and bring extra layers or different footwear.

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