Small Wedding Tips – How to host an intimate wedding

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of gathering hundreds of guests to attend your wedding? Hosting an intimate wedding may be the answer for you. The key to this is obviously to keep the guest list small – we mean literally 20 people maximum, these people should be your actual nearest and dearest! However, successfully hosting a smaller wedding doesn’t just mean cutting your guest lift in half. Here is everything you need to know when planning to throw a small wedding.  

intimate wedding venue

Go for a quirky wedding venue

As the wedding is going to be on the smaller end of the scale – in terms of guests. Why not add an element of quirkiness to the venue. Quirky wedding venues are becoming a big trend this season – more people are looking into wedding venues with a talking point, this will add that little something extra to an intimate wedding.

Personalised aspects

Now that your guest list is shorter, you can spend more of your time making each guest feel special with personalised attributes. Whether this is through table placemats or even the food you serve. It will show you have to treat your guests well. Depending on how intimate your guest list if you can even have every sit at one big table for the reception.

Make it entertaining

By having an intimate wedding with fewer people on the scene it is easier to get everyone involved in the entertainment. You can even ask your guest to prepare something for them to read out after the wedding – which would be a great form of entertainment!

outdoor wedding

Make a few days out of the wedding…

Use having your nearest and dearest all in one place to your advantage and make the whole occasion longer than a day! Book a few rooms at a bed and breakfast close by, allowing all your guests to stay in the same place and being able to carry on the wedding festivities.

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