Beach Wedding Inspiration

When is comes to having a wedding by the sea, the blue crashing waves and natural scenery already provides the perfect decor. But, there are still so many things you can do to highlight and enhance your seaside wedding location.

At Newton Hall we have it all! The golden sands of the North East’s spectacular Northumberland coastline under your feet make the perfect location for any beach wedding. Whether you’re simply using the picturesque beach as a backdrop for you wedding photos or you’re actually having the ceremony on the sandy dunes… a wedding by the sea allows your imagination to run wild, from colour theme choices to bridal dress styles.

The Decor

Creating a shabby sheek style of decor will complement the beachy surroundings. If you’re planning on having your ceremony on the beach you could decide to have a raw wooden arch to set a focal point – wrap pieces of fabric around the wood so that they blow in the wind.  

The Wedding Dress

It is generally quite windy by the seaside, therefore taking this into consideration when choosing your wedding dress may be useful. Having a beach wedding dress that is lightweight and floaty may be nice for pictures by the beach – but is it the most practical? It may be a nice idea to incorporate some of the sea colours into the dress or the grooms suit – think about the light blue and grey tones. Use the waves of the sea as inspiration for a ruffle effect on your dress.

The Food and Drink

If you want the seaside to play a big part in your big day, then integrating this into the type of food and drink you serve is a great idea. Whether you decided to go all out and create food items that represent the ocean or decided to take a more subtle approach and just serve some tasty seafood – it’s up to you! Designing a drinks/ cocktail menu inspired by the sea is always a good idea!

The Cake

We don’t recommend going heavy on the nautical theme for your cake – we think keeping it subtle is the best way. Incorporate different colours and textures into the cake design. Think about representing the waves of the sea through the icing style or even dedicate the whole structure of the cake to this.

Make sure you contact us for more information or if you’re considering having a beach wedding in Northumberland.