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Inspirational Ideas

We offer more extras, more imagination and more wedding va va voom than any other destination we know, which means surprises around every corner and more merriment than is generally considered decent.

The more eccentric the idea, the more we throw at it. Our only limit is your imagination, so try this little lot for starters:

DIY Order of the Day Confetti

Envelopes of confetti are a fun touch to any order of the day and provide you with amazing photos! Place a handful of confetti in a glassine bag & attach the envelope with ribbon around the order of service to finish.

Whiskey Bar

Let’s treat the Gents for once – or anyone who enjoys a little liquor with a the cigar to mark the occasion? Prosecco stations have taken wedding tends by storm… so why not personalise things a little further to suit yours and your guests tastes! A whiskey or rum bar teamed with a cigar – quite the mark of a lavish affair if ever there was one.

Wedding Speech Bingo!

We all know that whilst wedding speeches are such a personalised part of your big day, there are certain ‘go-to’ phrases and words that you can guarantee will be part of the part of the prose. Instead of the typical bets on how long the speeches take, why not liven things up a bit with a game of bingo!

Four Legged Friend

Do you feel that your wedding wouldn’t be the same without your four legged friend by your side? They are the perfect companion to get your guests to ooh and aahh when they walk down the aisle.

Hand-Drawn Maps

Is your wedding location a little out of the way? Add a lovely hand-drawn map of the local area into your wedding invites, detailing where your wedding venue is, any nearby hotels and pubs, landmarks and even local transport links and road names. A personal touch which is very helpful for guests not from the area!

Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies are very of the moment for weddings, whether you’re serving them in lieu of cake, or just as an extra dessert, a buffet option or appetizer, nothing goes better  together than cookies and milk. Well, brides and grooms go pretty well together too I suppose.

Wedding Reception Trend: Silent Disco!

Instead of your guest all listening to a single song, they can each be wearing light- up headphones tuned into one of three channels, picking the vibe those appeals to them most in the moment. It creates a super interesting dance party as everyone is experiencing different music.

Be smitten, not bitten!

Outdoor summer weddings are a hit for a lot of reasons. They’re beautiful, fun, and bring a casual elegance to almost any reception. However, biting flies, mosquitos and other unwelcome guests can put a huge damper on your day. Keep your guests kitted out and prepared for a day in the sun (hopefully!) – little handy pocket size sun lotions and bug sprays perfect for a wedding day in the sunshine

Oh, Snap!

Geofilters are creative overlays that capture where you are or what you're up to in a Snap! Create your own, and surprise your guests in the location you choose.

A Wedding Petting Zoo!

Keep little ones (and grownups!) entertained with your very own petting zoo. Who said you can’t have a unicorn at your big day?! 

Winter Chills

To have and to hold in case you get cold.. Don’t let the weather discourage you from an outdoor ceremony, guests can wrap up and enjoy the views. 

Painted Pumpkin

With Autumn fast approaching, why not make the most of what the season has to offer by painting pumpkins for your table centrepieces! 

Outdoor Living

Why not extend the party outside? Make the most of our stunning outdoor spaces and beautiful furniture and create an outdoor “living room”. It makes for a perfect chill out area on those long summer nights or wrap up in blankets on a chilly winters night!

Illustrated Table Plan

Guarantee some hilarity by getting your guests to draw a picture of themselves to create a one of a kind table plan! When you send out your wedding invitations, add a little piece of homework by asking your guests to return a small sketch along with their RSVP. Voila – this becomes your table plan!  

Sparkling send off!

The Sparkler Send-Off is great for any wedding!  Give each guest a sparkler (or two), light them up, and parade out of your reception area through a friend and family filled tunnel! Amongst the cheers, laughter, and smiles will be sparkling lights leading you and your loved one towards your very bright future. Bonus, the Sparkler Send-Off also makes for amazing photos you’ll be sure to treasure forever! 

Pork pie wedding cake!

If you’re looking for something a little different to the traditional fruit cake or Victoria sponge, and even to the increasingly popular tower of cheese, how about a burly pork pie?! You know it will go down a treat with your guests once the drinks are flowing and it’s a great quirky addition to your evening catering.

Diamonds for a day

Give your wedding that extra added “sparkle” by privately hiring your own beautiful diamonds and jewels for your special day without having the million pound price tag! Whether it be earrings, necklace, bracelets or all three; they will be sure to give the WOW factor and provide beautiful photographs that not only last a day rather a lifetime! As we all know…. “Diamonds are a girl’s best Friend” 

Go outdoors!

We have so many amazing outdoor features it would be a sin not to use them! Whether a winter or summer wedding there’s plenty to go around!  In the winter why not provide blankets and marshmallows around the fire for late night chats under the stars and fairy lights to reflect on the day. In summer get married on our wedding hill or the terrace, surrounded by 360 degree views followed by games and cocktails on the lawn.  Our grounds are your oyster! 

Tis the Season!!

Why not help your guests with quirky additions to your wedding day depending on the season – in and outdoors!

Spring – Courteous and classic umberellas to cover your guests from April showers or tropical rays!

Guestbook Piñata

One of our favorite new trends is the wedding piñata!

Get your guests to fill it with messages, predictions or words of wisdom & have fun smashing it on your 1 year anniversary!

Family tree

Why not gather up photos of your families on their wedding day, and display them on yours?!

Collect photos of your parents, grandparent and siblings who have been married before you and display both yours and your partner’s families side by side on your big day.

Our big green cabinet in the garden suite screams out to have all of your frames displayed inside it and your table plan can sit right next to it making sure guests don’t miss out on the nostalgia!

Confetti Bar

Let your guests create their own confetti before the ceremony with a DIY confetti bar – be sure to include lots of colours and textures!  Great fun and makes for excellent photos (who doesn’t want to be covered in glitter?!)!

Video Guest Book

Add an extra element of fun to your big day and create a lasting memento at the same time with a video guest book. Capture congratulatory video messages by inviting guest to chat, share memories or even sig as the video messages pile up as the night gets going!


‘Crackin!’ Easter wedding inspiration

For those lovely Easter Weddings, make their personalised favour a keeper… and useful for those morning dippy eggs!

Pimp your Prosecco!

Give your reception drink a bit of a makeover and pimp your prosecco! With so many fun and delicious extras from mixed fruit & berries to brightly coloured syrup’s – you could even try gold glitter to make it sparkle!

Something a little different from the usual and a sure way to get all your guests talking!

Wishing Tree

A great way to capture all those hand-written memories of your special day from your loved ones is with a guest book – a beautiful keepsake for the years ahead. However why not try something different to the traditional book and instead have a wishing tree; individual tags decorated how you like, each written with a personal note from your nearest and dearest. 

Don't get that sinking feeling!

A practical approach to help ladies keep their shoes as good as new, while still being able to enjoy a glass of Pimms out in the grounds.  A subtle little accessory to prevent grass stains and ‘heels sinking’ into those beautiful lawns and gardens over the Summer period.

The place mat menu

If creating a personalized experience is an important part of your wedding planning, consider custom-made menus at each seat. Paper place mats replace a classic menu card. Love this look but need it to work on a budget? Order an online template that you can print and cut at home to save big.

I'm Dancing

Practical bespoke printed coasters are a fun way of making sure drinks are not cleared from the tables while your guests are enjoying themselves on the dance floor – they can also take them home as favours.

Wedding Time Capsule

Before your big day, gather a wooden box, a bottle of wine (or the alcohol of your choice), and two glasses. Write love notes to each other, explaining your feelings as you prepare to start your new life together as husband and wife. Seal your letter without letting your soon-to-be read what you’ve written.

Agree to keep the box sealed until a special anniversary, like your 10th or 20th (or even if you fall out and need a reminder of how much you love each other!). Then, break open the box, pour the wine, read the letters, and remember what it’s all about!

Bubbles of Fun

If you’re looking for a quirky reception entrance and want to break away from the traditional confetti, why not give your guests bubble wands instead! Brilliantly fun for the happy couple and all your guests, which look fantastic on your photographs. Decorate with a ribbon or tie to match your colour scheme and bring a touch of magic to your special day!

DIY guest flower bar

Give your guests the chance to make their own bespoke button holes and get creative with corsages with a DIY flower bar for when guests first arrive. Ask your florist to put out a few sturdy basics such as roses or chrysanthemums, lots of brightly coloured ribbon (and a few buttons or sparkly bits if you like!) and some instructions, and let the guests do the rest! 

Beers & Burgers

Let’s give the canapes a really comfort food feel with this Beer & Burger arrangement – still holding style and presentation but really giving your wedding a homely, hearty reception.  Cheers!

Coloured Smoke Bombs

Looking for something whimsical to bring your wedding photos to life?

Look no further than latest fun craze of colourful Smoke Bombs. Their pretty plumes in all colours of the rainbow can add a unique dreamlike quality to any wedding portrait.


Customise your wedding shoes

LOVE the idea of a meaningful message on the bride’s shoes…

It’s such a special little touch! It could be a secret only the bride knows about, the perfect photo opportunity or a fortune telling exercise

Sentimental Stationary

Make your table stationary really personal using simple ideas!

Have Photo Place Cards! What could be more fun that using photos instead of place cards – find silly and fun photos of every wedding guest and use them instead of a traditional name card.

Wedding Bucket List

Write down a “marriage bucket list” activity that Bride and Groom can do together to strengthen their bond and love! On days when you want to have date night, or when you are looking for something to do, you and your husband can go through the “bucket list” ideas and complete them. Each time you’ve completed an activity on the bucket list, send a picture of the two of you doing the activity to the couple or person who suggested it!

Rainy Wedding Days

So you're freaking out about the weather report, panicking over WHAT IF IT RAINS ON MY WEDDING DAY?! First, take a deep breath, rainy weddings are good luck but why not make the most of itand ask someone to collect some rain water for you in a cup, and then funnel it into these tiny vials for tiny sentimental mementos of your very gorgeous, very rainy wedding day.

Save your dancing feet!

If your feet are tired and sore, grab a pair and dance some more!

An easy DIY task for any bride an adorable basket of Wedding Dancing Shoes, aka. flip flops.

Skip Traditions That Don't Fit Your Style

Some couples don't want to throw the bouquet, while others would prefer not to wait until the ceremony for their first look. If you're a couple who just can't image partaking in speeches, a cake cutting or even a first dance… don't do it! It's your wedding; you can skip what you want to.

Hangover Kit

Give your guests a helping hand the morning after the night before with a ready-made hangover survival kit!
Paracetamol for those poorly heads, coffee for a much needed caffeine fix, mints for boozy breath and maybe even some plasters to help achy feet – your guests will be ever so grateful!

Hashtag Your Wedding!

Why not give you guests a personalised hashtag or your very own wedding Instagram account?! This way all of your guests can upload their photos of the day and hashtag or tag to share them with you!
Or why not use our screen and projector to create a tweet wall?!
Something to document your day and keep forever!
#happyhashtagging! #love #newtonhall #weddinginspiration!

Memory Lane

Create a personalised aisle runner including all of your milestones throughout your relationships.
As your guests take their seats they can have a walk down memory lane and see all of the steps you have taken to get to your wedding day!
From your first date, moving in together and that all important proposal, it’ll all be there as you walk down the aisle!

Preserving Beauty: Wedding Bouquet Shadowbox

Save your bouquet in a modern, elegant way that will blend in with any decor. With plenty of DIY option online this shadow box frame is such a simple and easy way to preserve your wedding flowers forever.

Please call anyone BUT!...

In those last few hours in the run-up to the biggest moment of your life the last thing you want is to be trying to give guests directions, or help Uncle Bob locate his lost trousers…make sure you’ve got a directory of contacts that your guests can call if they need a hand with anything while you relax, enjoy a glass of fizz and get ready to walk down the aisle! 

Building memories

If you are looking for an alternative wedding guest book, why not give a Jenga Block a try? A perfect way for your guests to help build happy memories of your special day in a fun and unique way!

Read all about it!

Give your guests a truly original and perfectly personalised keepsake from your big day with a uniquely stylised broadsheet, printed on real newspaper! 

Fairground Theme

Why not add a bit of fun & games into your wedding day with a Fantastical Fairground Theme.
Think Coconut Shy’s, candy floss carts and maybe even a hook a duck… Perfect for keeping the big and the little kids entertained throughout the whole day.

Singing/Beatboxing waiter

For a truly memorable day - your guests will be talking about this for years to come!
Singers Incognito will burst onto your wedding day with an undercover show which will blow you and your guests away! 
Working alongside the real waiters and catering staff, Disguised as a waiter or waitress, chef, photographer, or even one of your own guests, your wedding guests won't have a clue what is about to hit them!

Extraordinary Entertainment

To make your day even more fun, how about some out-of-the-ordinary entertainment to keep your guests happy while you enjoy yourself? Giant board games (particularly a giant ‘operation’), racing car simulators and ‘Grab a Grand’ machines are some of our favourites. Or a coconut shy, can can, hoopla and shooting gallery make a great summer fete wedding vibe.

Wedding Fan

Program fans are a great way to keep your guests cool at your wedding ceremony at the same time provide them all the details about the ceremony, wedding party - toss in a nice thank you message for good measure!

Blooming boquet

Fancy something a little different for your big day? Bring out your inner craft with these bouquets and buttonholes made from old books and save some money in the process. A really effective alternative to fresh flowers and something that you can keep forever! Use your favourite book for that added personal touch. 

Bottle Opener Name Card Holders

Give your guests a favour that will remind them of the special day they were part of every time they crack open a cold one! These rustic bottle openers also double up as unique place card settings, and could be made extra special with a personal engraving.  

Have your cake and eat it...

If fruitcake or vanilla sponge doesn’t do it for you, put a twist on the tradition with an ice-cream cake or a tower of cheese.

Take your seat

Let’s face it, you will more than likely need to take a seat after a swift shot!

Why not really start the party with this shot-set table plan?

It’s cool, it’s daring and it’s very beneficial to those dance moves soon to come.

Keep the kids busy!

Kids deserve to have a bit of fun at your wedding, so why not keep them busy whilst making memories too?!

Give the kids all manner of crafty supplies and get them to make a wedding card for you and your future spouse! They will have hours of fun and you can keep them and look back on them in years to come!

Not your typical Order of Service

Make sure your guests know all of the important bits on your big day (when they’re getting fed, where they are sitting, where the guest book is, how to use the DIY photo-booth) by giving them a practical guide to your wedding day – guaranteed to make them giggle! 

Old-school guestbook

Instead of the typical guestbook, why not add some extra eccentricity and have your friends and family leave their messages using an old-fashioned typewriter? Use sheets of long paper and after the wedding tie them into a scroll with a ribbon for a stylish and sentimental keepsake.

A different kind of ring bearer

Why not have your wedding rings flown in by owls? These expertly trained birds will fly across the room to the (gloved) hand of the best man or the groom, delivering your rings with style and charm.

Mad Hatter's tea party

Why did they call him Mad? He had the best tea parties ever, surely? And while we can’t absolutely promise the White Rabbit (sometimes he runs a bit late), we can equip you with all you need for the maddest tea party ever; just make sure you’re in time!

Hawaiian style cocktail party

Hey, hey – grab your grass skirt and get into the groove – this is partying Hawaiian stylie. Okay, we don’t insist on the grass skirts, but we do go in for some very large cocktails (take one water melon, hollow out, fill with delights, insert straw, drink – get the gist?).

Use of the costume box

At Newton Hall, we love everything a little bit extravagant, a little bit groovy grand. Venture into our Costume Room and you can be all that and more – and your photos will be absolutely unique.

Themed weddings

Why not make your wedding just that little bit more quirky and opt for a vintage theme? Whether it's a 1940s English tea party, a 50s rock n roll bash, 60s mod wedding or a 1920s swing session, if your crowd like to dress for an occasion, ask them to dress for the theme, and we'll source the music and décor to match. We can provide vintage mismatch crockery if that's your thing, or Sterling silver dinner service for a 1920s-style formal affair.

We heart the wedding blog for vintage inspiration.

Farm house tables

The only venue in the north east who offer fantastically chic French farm house tables, which require no dressing at all, but if you prefer feel free to dress them how you like.

Magical mist

Everyone likes to make an entrance, and here at Newton Hall we are eager to make your special day even more magical by giving you the feeling of walking on the clouds.

Fantasy food and drink

Here are just a few of our fabulous options

  • Northumbrian Tapas Menu
  • Northumbrian Hog Roast Feast
  • Fish and Chips
  • Newton Hall Seafood Banquet
  • Enormous Sharing Deserts
  • BBQ
  • Newton Hall Taste Bud Ticklers
  • Themed Menus
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party
Here Comes the Bride

Gone are the days of a simple ‘order of service’ on a chair… people are really saying it with quirky and fun-loving phrases to lighten the mood for that oh-so nerve racking ceremony. Let’s let the giggles rise and take the edge off things for a moment before the beautiful Bride’s big entrance…

Winter Warmer

Whether you use an old family recipe or your favourite store bought variety, hot cocoa is a great addition or alternative to a coffee bar for your winter wedding.  Having lots of options for toppings and add-ons as well as complimentary sides like cookies or candies all make for the perfect hot cocoa bar!

Let's get proactive!

Let’s keep that relationship with your significant other healthy, connected and exciting by remembering to go on a date once in a while – and who better to give you plenty of dating inspiration than your wedding guests…

Set-up this awesome idea during your wedding day letting your guests give you their funniest, most romantic or even wildest date ideas for you to enjoy through your wonderful years of marriage.  Give it a try!

Wedding Gift Poem

When you already have a lovely home and lots of lovely things in it you don’t really need traditional wedding gifts. However, asking for money can sometimes feel a little awkward! How about a charming little poem on your invites? Guests will certainly get the message, but in a cute, polite, and less direct way!